Winchester, Reimagined: Full Black | Yello Galuchat | Tashi

Winchester, Reimagined: Full Black | Yello Galuchat | Tashi

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Winchester, Reimagined: Full Black | Yello Galuchat | Tashi

When color contrasts are taken to the next level through materials and textures, daring the senses takes on a new importance: to remind us that playfulness doesn’t imply disregard for deeply held values, like excellence in appreciation and execution, and that to embrace the unprecedented, the untried is truly at the core of our story.


A new frontier in art and timekeeping with the first clock inspired by the legendary Winchester repeating rifle.

Each Winchester, reimagined work is a stunning addition to any setting. While it explodes aesthetic paradigms, it embodies the highest levels of craftsmanship.

This Limited Collection takes the original concept that conquered the imagination of visionary collectors and appreciators of the finer things to the next level: a true-to-life reimagining of the legendary Winchester lever action rifle as a clock in a unique, unrivaled, unprecedented, and unexpected context of materials, colors, and textures.

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